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London born and bred DJ, Conna Newcombe aka YUGA has been shaping his profile on the Underground Psychedelic scene since 2013. Born to the family of Carry On Regardless, growing up YUGA saw the ins and outs of the 90s free party scene. Wise before his years YUGA developed true insight into the new age of Psychedelic music.

Renowned for taking the dance floor on a stomping journey into Psychedelic darkness YUGA plays a unique blend of Dark, Forest and Hi-Tech.

Early day influences included the likes of Ectima and Earthling where their BPM and deeper elements first caught YUGA’s attention. Soon crossing over to the Dark side YUGA found his distinct taste for melodic scratch synths within Wildthings Records and Looney Moon Records. Naturally progressing deeper and darker YUGA currently takes inspiration from Alice-D Records and Parvati Records.

Taking you on an odyssey through the Yuga age of darkness, prepare for BPM’s reaching upto 180, driving basslines and sporadic sonic whomps reverberating through your very core.

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