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When PsyWiser, aka Josh Smith, found his passion for Psychedelic Trance, he certainly made a massive impact on the scene, bringing with him a unique edge and banging style that totally sets him apart.

Josh is in no way a stranger to the decks and music production, having spent years performing under his Dubwiser (Drum n Bass) alias and playing in some of London’s biggest venues with names such as Nicky Blackmarket and Logan D, plus underground parties and various radio appearances on the likes of Rough Tempo, EDR and Back To Funk and currently hosts a weekly radio show on
Founder and label owner of Hearts Music, Josh has a passion for musical collaboration and developing and supporting new talent, having previously set up a music studio working with disadvantaged teenagers, writing and producing an album which incorporated his lyric writing, beatboxing and vocal skills.

PsyWiser’s style could be described as ‘energetic, bouncy progressively full on’ … he likes to break the rules and bring his various musical talents into everything he does, delivering some seriously awesome results to his high-energy, crowd-pleasing performances.

Looking forward to continuing his psychedelic journey, PsyWiser is an artist that’s truly one to watch!

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