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Lorenzo started playing out in 2003. He first started playing out Hard Trance, at Hard Dance events, but always had a love for Trance music in 1999 before he started DJ’ing. One of the main nights/brand that got him into Trance music was Peach at Camden Palace, where he used to go almost every week on a Friday night.

Having been playing Trance for pretty much most of his DJ Career, he then felt around 2017 that it was time for a change in his direction of playing music out and moving more towards the Psychedelic sounds of Trance, especially having been a regular raver at one of his most favourite Psy Trance nights Cohesion @ Club 414, Brixton, since around 2014/2015. In July last year he decided to change his sound from Trance to playing Psy Trance and start up his Psy Trance DJ guise name Psyrenzo.

Promotes events at @ Club 414 Brixton and his main event which he promotes is TRANCElucid, which currently takes place on the 4th Saturday of every month, where he has Chris Dell as one of his Resident DJ’s. TRANCElucid is an in house Promotion at Club 414, which started in March 2015, when he was into Trance music, but was really liking and getting into the Psy Trance sound. His event focuses on different genres and sub genres within Trance, which he feels is good, as it offers a variety of music for the clubbers who come to his events and them being able to listen to genres within the Trance spectrum from Progressive Trance, Progressive Psy Trance, Trance and full on Psy Trance.

Since Promoting parties at Club 414 on a regular basis, which has taken up alot of his time over the past eleven years (to date, since 2007) he is now wanting to push himself on and onto another level, to get gigs at other events elsewhere.

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