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Luis Cabanja aka PsyKoTrip passionate about music, Dj, Producer, Event Planner, was born in a small village in northern Portugal in 1986. As a child always had a huge fondness for music and sounds of the planet but one day heard and lived first psychedelic music (in 2000), everything changed in his life and way of seeing the world. He began to participate in private / public events and festivals in full nature and one day the interest not only became the dance floor, but also as vibrating a dance floor, then already living in Belgium (the country where he remained for 6 years of his life between 2004 and 2010) he dedicated to the mixers, mixing sounds of the genre, Goatrance, PsyTrance and Darkpsy, then created also one group consisting of other lovers, artists and dancers together for the same cause called The Psy Family, organize then some more private events but always with great success and joy. In 2010 he decided to change the course of his life to move to Switzerland but always with the same passion, his group “The Psy Family” continued to grow, organizing more events, giving opportunities for new artists, creating decorations and welcoming new members in this family. Luis continues with the music as a DJ (Cabanja) or Live Act (PsyKoTrip) working in Switzerland but keeping conexion with friends around the globe, Luis not give up convey his feelings with those around him through his music.

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