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Occular began his exploration into trance at the age of 17 and since 2010 has been producing and Djing psytrance.

His focus and love for the music have helped him develop his style and skills in a relatively short amount of time. At the age of 23 Occular has already had a few releases and played across europe and Goa, India.

Occular’s main influences through his short time involved in the trance scene have been mostly the uk night time sound of Bom Shanka and Wild things. And was first introduced to the scene when he attended Tribe of Frog in Bristol. At the time occular was mixing and producing Drum & Bass, Techno and Dubstep. After this he immediately started making psytrance. Based in bristol he was able to get involved with the local free party crews like Ninja Hippies and Psychedelic Resisdance and soon after started playing Tribe of Frog on a regular basis.

His sound combines driving bass lines with groovy and hypnotic leads, with a daytime influence and is made for any time of day!

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