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Nocti Luca & Noctilus are projects formed by Georg Bauer who is living in Berlin, Germany.
Born in an artist family, he early came into contact with music, attended a music high school, where he was teached in playing piano, music theory and music history. Beside he was playing bass guitar in several bands.

2001 he started to visit Psy Trance Events…
So, after studying music (bass guitar-jazz / doublebass-classic) in Rostock, northern Germany, he started to produce electronic dance music, specially kinds of Psy Trance and Downbeat in 2005.
2008 he began organizing Psy Trance Events in Berlin (Sternenwald – series) and performing LiveSets at Parties and Festivals in and around Berlin and northern germany. Now playing all over Europe…

Having grown up in nature and always have been fascinated by the music and lifestyle of the indigenous peoples, he is inspired by these things and created a style with which he focused on percussion, tribal drums, world music, ethnic and natural sounds and animal noises, mixed up with mystic mood…
Moving between 140 – 152 bpm, he is producing a rather punchy rolling beat!
Just “Tribal Trance” …

2011 he released his first EP “Tribal Atmospheres” containing the three tracks “Born”, “Burimana Tribe” and “Global Flyer” on Tribal Trance Records. 2012 the second EP “Energy of Rotation” was released on Purple Hexagon Records. Followed by “Plavala Guna” a track on the free Gaggalacka Festival VA “A Purple Playground” (Purple Hexagon Rec). In december 2014 the track “Last Forest Standing” was released on the “Freaks in Love” compilation “Converting the Illusion”.

Nocti Luca is also producing downbeat – tracks following the same stylistic path.
“Follow the Signs” was released on the Trimurti compilation ´Art of Balance`, in January 2015 the track “Hang around in Eden” was released on “Global Glitch” by Streetritual and “Gonda” is gonna be released soon on a free VA by Purple Hexagon Rec/Trimurti Rec

“Noctilus” is a project with wich he is creating a more psychedelic style around 150 bpm, but still keeping to have Natur and animal sounds within. “Far Flung Dance” on ´The Legend of Amaya Chapter 1´ (Amaya Productions), “Everglade Lifeforms” on ´Memetic Ideosphere´(Purple Hexagon Records), a Remix of the Mubali track “63 hours power trip” with wich he has won the 1. Parvati Records Remix Contest and “Muscogee Creek” on Digital Masala III with wich he joint Parvati Records in November ´14 are the first releases.

In September 2016 the first season of his Noctilus EP series “Forest Tales” was released on Parvati Records. It contains three tracks: two solo tracks (“Sick Loose Animals” and “The Fountain”) and a collaboration with Mubali (“Noctali”).

Now he is already working on the second season, scheduled for late 2017!

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