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Mutated Pony

MUTATED PONY aka Angela Carr, is resident 1st lady at AudioAddictz Live & AudioAddictz Records UK.
Her love of music started as a nipper, with a toy Fisher Price record player. Angela longed to be a dancer from an early age, and as music and dancing go hand in hand, her passion for music grew stronger.
The past 30 + years have given Angela valuable experiences within a variety of musical genres, all of which have helped Angela to develop skills and gain confidence behind the decks.
Mutated Pony started her DJ career on vinyl and quickly picked up the art of beat matching. Once she gained confidence in her ability to mix, she progressed onto learning how to mix with CDJs and Traktor, so to add to her repertoire of DJ-ing skills.
It was at this point she embarked on a colourful journey of sound, travelling across the spectrum and experimenting with sounds that heal, resonate and move the spirit to dance freely.
Mutated Pony has played many genres, including Funky House, Techno, House, Trance, Hard House, Hard dance, Nrg and Psytrance and she loves the musical diversity of the underground music scene.
144-147 BPM is her favorite pace for dance incantation and her sets comprise full on hypnotic sounds, with chaotic chanting beats that are magically blended together to tell a story of spine tingling melodies. An incantation of unsung words…
Here are a few words from Mutated Pony: “Thank you, everyone for your continued support and friendship along the way. I look forward to seeing you soon on the dance floor. Love and blessings.”

Angela would also like to thank Riff Raff, Remedy, Psybase, AudioAddictz, Kanyini, Orrible Noise, Hybrid, Mush, Killertrax & The Experiment, Planet Zogg, Tyne Psyed, Triptonarnia, Shamania, Alchemy, Magikana, Beat Herder Festival, Tribal Sphere outdoors and Subliminal Trancendance show (Psy Tube) , Bearded theory, Equinox, Playing for change foundation. Freedom Festival Portugal & Goa Cream uk

favorite artists include AudioAddictz, Screen Memory,Atomgrinder, Sustain, Scorb, Iliuchnia, Biorhythm, Random L, Eat static, Abomination, Rubix Qube, Antispin, Concept, Principles of flight, Massive & Deviant Species

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