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Multise3d is the manifested synergy between Oni Freeman and Mark Shipman; two creative and versatile psychedelic DJs and decor artists, based in the UK.
Their musical journey spans over 25 years, both having recognised very early in life that the universe would conspire to bring there individual and aspirational dreams to fruition.
The subsequent years saw their creative energies developed and channelled through many different genres incarnations and locations, both individually and collaboratively.
Through extremely fortunate circumstance, luck and synchronicity the two good friends played their first set together at the Shore Bar in Goa, 2011, and they were humbled and inspired by the ineffable magic of the trip.
Their music has been described as cheeky twisted, uplifting, high energy, their versatility of style within the genre-bridging night into morning, from deep and uplifting Goa sounds to forest and
twilight trance.
Always seeking to induce a raised collective consciousness on the dancefloor, expanding minds all over the multiverse.

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