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Miror was born in Hungary in 1981. He was imperessed by electronic music in the mid 90’s. He bought his first turntables and started to play drum and bass and breakbeat. Later on minimal and tech-house appered in the music scene and made effect on his style. In 2005 he has moved to the UK. He’s been enthusiastic for the music, played with his true friend Paul Haag on many parties. They became residents of BeatStationUK clubnights in 2011. He has moved back to Hungary just after that and get into the hungarian clublife. He started collaborating with the Deepcity team namely Attic Ears and If-ican. They played alongside with such a big names like East End Dubs, Izhevski, Nora Naughty, Polarize, Plastik Soul, Studiohead, Jay Lumen, Snake Sedrick, Nigel Snorter, Chriss Ronson, Dandy, Invoice and many more.

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