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Mentalogic is a collaboration between 2 Brazilians DJs based in London with the same intuit, make good music for the dance-floor, and to all lovers of Psytrance.

Dj FluorEnzo is a African born Portuguese that have his roots in Brazil where he grew. Went to a Jazz Drums School by the age of 14 and start Djing by 1986 with 16 years-old.

By mid-90’s hear for the first time Psychedelic Goa Trance in Portugal and DJ FluorEnzo was born. Then in 1998 back in Brazil he was the one to start the Psytrance Parties in Rio de Janeiro, from a few dozen in 1998, few hundred in 1999 and after 2000 Psytrance become for the next decade the most popular electronic music in Rio.

Nowadays is Based in London and working on the new collaboration project ‘Mentalogic‘ with the first release on the legendary GOA Volume 49 compiled by Dj Prozak. The Duo also produce their own video clips that are available to watch across the network.

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