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Born & lived in the West Midlands before moving south to Hampshire England in 2000, Alan joined the Rave scene in 92/93 & started to collect records shortly afterwards & Maverick was born!!

Since then he has been on a musical journey, going wherever his ears & legs take him, picking up as much music from all different genres, from Jungle Techno to Gabber, Hardstyle to Psychedelic Trance, he loves it all!!!

Known for playing hard, fast & dirty sets, there is softer side who can offer an uplifting & gentle set too!! Always enjoying the music in its many different genres, absorbing the energy & giving the crowd what they want!!

Resident Dj for Psyrhythmix held 3rd Friday every month in Brixton at Club 414, London & frequently a Guess Dj for mulitipule events UK & Worldwide.

Owner of BounceBackAbility Parties.

Signed to Biopulse Records

Played throughout the UK alongside many known Dj’s such as M-Zone, Sonic Species, Audiofire, Infected Mushroom, Chris Liberator, Matt Handy, Andy Whitby, Alex Kidd, Protieus, Kid Kaos, Duel Perception, Vinylgroover, Ed Real, Anne Savage, BK, Organ Donors, Erik Orpheus, Champa, Thall Om, Neil Moore, Sean Spindrift, Kevin Energy, K Complex, Brisk, Marc Smith, Darwin, Billy Bunter, Nathan D & Lanside, Dopplefiest, Dj Red, Phil Reynolds, Technical, N-Kore, Cally & Juice, Andy Vortex, Scul, Chris Unknown, Hoopz, Louk, Jake Nicholls, Savage Circuit, Sati, Melodic Noise, Lab 4, Greg Brookman, Prozak, Digital Stone, Mentalogic, Tasso, Brother Bliss, Graham Gold, Libra 9, Etcetera , D-Light, Signal-E. Chris Dell, Eddie Fox & Many More

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