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My introduction to Psy Trance happened many moons ago, whilst driving and flicking through radio stations as ya do. I heard a sound I had never heard before, I was instantly drawn to it “I had to listen to that again.” But there was no info broadcast and the station just faded away Into static. I was in the boat of not knowing the name of the station neither the frequency so I really had no way of finding any info about the track. But I had to track down this music. So I started a 3 month journey, at the time i thought it may have been a one off that someone had put together from trance. I started by listening to a lot of trance and anytime I heard an artist that may of put the track together I searched through all music out there listening to thousands of tracks and still I had no luck. I then started mixed genres trance/ techno etc. with still no luck and become obsessed with trying to find that sound, I was not going to give in and it ended up taking all my spare time. Then one day I came across something listed as Psychedelic Trance , as I started to listen to it – I knew instantly it was what I had been looking for. It wasn’t a track it became a whole genre of music ‘I was home’ I thought and I will carry that moment to the grave with me.
An the rest as they say is history!

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