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DJ, producer, melodic music maker, rapid innovator, thrilling entertainer, fascinating performer and currently – fast rising hard trance star Holyghost UK has been making a rapid progression along the would be yellow brick road that is the underground dance music scene for quite some time now and has been excelling with every step. Having made both his musical focus and personal passion all about the varying degrees and vast plethora of different sounds within trance music, Holyghost UK has mastered both production and live DJ work and specialised in trance as his particular area of expertise.

From the sprawling, late night, moody edginess of progressive trance, to the peak time greatness and glory of full on, hands in the air, arena smashing vocal trance, to the more throbbing, pulse pounding offerings of psy-trance and of course, a personal favourite, the hardness, speed and furiousness of hard trance, schranz and even hard techno; Holyghost UK has spent a considerable amount of time building disciplines in these areas as an electrifying performer. To use the cliché ‘Holyghost UK is on fire right now’ would be entirely apt, although that said not that far from the truth as anyone that has had the joy of watching this man performing a set chock full of harder beats live on a main stage, will see he quite literally sets the room ablaze.

Packaged brilliantly an armada of exceptional productions (some of his own making), an energetic, vibrant and entertaining DJ style and technique and stage presence including all the necessary Steampunk-esque theatrics that come with (including his very own fire performance), Holyghost UK has become one of the South Coast of the UK’s most promising new exports within the realms of underground electronic music today.

Having now played at events in London, Brighton, Birmingham, amongst other cities in the United Kingdom including his native Portsmouth; Holyghost UK has entertained the masses at events such as the mighty ‘Sinistry’, the legendary ‘Deltawave’, breakthrough South Coast event ‘Total Barnage’, as well as his own events of which he has taken great pride in promoting. These include ‘Elemental’, ‘Identity’, ‘Transcendance’ and ‘Masquerave’ which were all received with great acclaim.

Naturally, this has afforded him an opportunity to share a stage with such industry leaders and visionaries as Cally & Juice, Billy Daniel Bunter, Lost Witness, Andy Farley, Scott Attrill, BK, Kid Kaos, Zetan Spore and many, many more.

As a fairly recent addition to the production World at large, Holyghost UK’s single release ‘Jack Rabbit’ debuted to fantastic feedback when released on Digital Impact Audio and his forthcoming single ‘Sex, Drugs, RockNRoller’ has been signed, as has he, to the all new Disruptiv Traxx label.

With a so far impressive set of live DJ performances already behind him, a number of noteworthy gigs in the pipeline ahead of him, a weekly radio show every Monday from 9pm on Unite Radio gathering new followers for him and a full slate of audibly titillating, electronic crowd stormers ahead of him on the production line forthcoming on the Disruptiv label, it is safe to assume the dawn of the Holyghost UK is fully under way and If it’s hard, melodic, epic and wildly entertaining you are looking for, quite simply friends, look no further.

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