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Etcetera‘s debuted in London at the Coronet Theater @ Juno Reactor’s 2008 World Tour, since then he’s played alongside artists like: Juno Rector, Shane Gobi, Dino Psaras, Mike Maguire, Time Lock, Sungirl, Champa, Domino, Ultravoice, Sesto Sento, System Nipel, Dejavoo and many more…
Etcetera‘s sound has influence in Israeli Morning Full On and Progressive mainly and its almost a fusion between the 2 genres, with a unique melodic-happy-relaxing vibe Etcetera‘s sound its almost a genre of its own.

In December 11, 2013 Etcetera released his first ever E.p. ‘Above & Beyond’ launched by Mathematician Records, in 2014 a remix by Lisa Lashes of the hit ‘Shrooms’ by Champa vs Etcetera was released on the compilation GOA vol.51 at YSE Recordings, having made compilation for Silent Partner Records called ‘Drawn From Reality‘ featuring legendary Indra a.k.a. PopArt, Mind Doctors On Acid, N-Kore, and many more, Etcetera has also been on the rise with the success of the smashing ‘Champa vs Etcetera – Shrooms‘ being released on Champa’s second massive album ‘Tiger‘ which stood up in the Top 10 in the Psytrance Chart at Beatport for some weeks, ‘Shrooms‘ has been remixed by Lisa Lashes and Life Extension and on all releases its made its way to the TOP 100 at Beatport Psytrance Chart, Etcetera‘s massive collaboration E.p. with Mazord ‘Mind Reconstruction‘ has reach a wonderfull #5 in the Psytrance Beatport Chart holding its position in the TOP 100 in the Beatport chart for 4 weeks, it has rocked the dancefloors over and over again, in August 2016 another massive track by Champa & Etcetera ‘Democracy‘ which was released by Dacru Records on a compilation by Tropical Bleyage ‘Uncharted‘.

Tried and tested Etcetera is sure to be a journey full of love, happiness and positive vibes all around, and its one that keeps on rising.

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