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Dexter (Cosmology) started raving in 1987. work at the BRIXTON ACADEMY (London) for 3 year from 1987 to 1990

in that time i was stage manager for SUNRISE,ENERGY and RAINDANCE. was well into the dancing at clubs like FUN CITY,

MEGATRIPILOS and im still into a good stomp.

started Djing late, but when i made my first mix, i was hooked.
Acid House, Trance, Techno, then Hard Trance, now PSY TRANCE. been into PSY TRANCE from when it started as GOA TRANCE.

Its Funky, Trippy, Quirky, Groovy, Bouncy, Deep stuff And I love it!!!

Use go the old school Goa Trance Party in London back in 1997. T.I.P Dragonfly Blue Room Flying Rhino parties

Moved to Bournemouth about 15 years ago from London (Brixton).
Met some really good mate and other Djs here and hope to stay here. Djing on the Bournemouth/ Dorset dance scene for about 11 years.

Dexter has played many festival around the UK. Sunrise/Noisely/ Triplicity/ 5D to name a few. resident @ Cosmology

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