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Cosmo Carbon

/ MixCloud

I have always been obsessed with compiling playlists, always anticipating the emotions that every track elicits. I discovered #Psytrance back in 2015; I was wowed by the intensity and amazing range of emotions it can produce and enamoured by the beautiful, friendly community that surrounds it. I immediately started channelling my passion, contributing as a DJ to this unique scene. Heavily driven by psytrance, I have been continuously forging a psychedelic sound that includes #techno and #progressive influences.
I have also begun working on my own productions to be released in the near future.

Philosophy and Sound

I take great care preparing my DJ sets as I consider it a shared journey of emotions felt by every person on the dance floor. Ultimately my goal is to create a thread of auditory scenes evoking specific emotions to guide you through your experience from Cosmos to Carbon. I achieve this by blending and contrasting flurries of melodies with harder elements from a carefully curated library that shares dark, cosmic and psychedelic elements.

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