UK born DJ and producer Champa AKA DJ Prozak has been a firm fixture on the underground dance scene for nearly 23 years. After wowing the crowds with his uplifting and full-on psychedelic trance sets he has been honing his production skills and stands on the precipice of greatness within the international psychedelic community. Champa produces the kind music that needs to be played loud and danced too with smile upon your face. His live performance is of a high intensity and uplifting vibe. Combine an uplifting attitude with groovy bass lines, funky percussive rhythms and a relentless driving melody and we have serious psychedelic fit for a pan-global audience. His first Album ‘My Son’ was released spring 2013 followed by a string of success with numerous E.P.’s and the 2nd album in 2014 “Tiger”. Working alongside in collaboration with artists like Talamasca, Krunch, Suduaya, Life Extension, Holon, Ovnimoon, Mechanimal, Magnus, Spirit Architect, Tropical Bleyage and many many more. Champa joined Yellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings Family in 2012. For the last 3 years Champa has been the compiler of the VA’s “GOA Series” on Y.S.E Recordings, Volumes 49 through to volume 62. Other labels he has released on include Dacru, BMSS, Neurobiotic, Antu Records, GreenTree Records, Pharmacy Music & many more. 2017 see’s the start of his new label “Enterrec” with many new and wise talented artists to showcase. And by the Autumn of 2017 he shall release his 3rd studio album.

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