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Boogie Dave

Boogie Dave caught his moniker after a particularly spectacular episode of debauchery that was known to many as Boogie Down Brum. That, dear friends, was back in the last millenium, 1998 to be more precise. ‘Tis odd indeed that such a short-lived series of night-time hedonism should have had as long-lasting an influence. Well really, how else should he be known? Boogie Dave is as appropriate a nom de geurre as any and one which has an inescapable iron grip on our poor hero.

A love of music led on to all-night raving. All-night raving led on to promoting nights. Promoting nights led on to spinning tunes.Spinning tunes led on to producing tunes. And this is where we now find Boogie Dave, promoting, spinning and producing.

A passion for dark, brooding, multi-layered epic electro-breaks from artists such as Lawgiverz, Si Begg, Tipper, Bassnectar, Eskmo and Kraddy was the breeding ground that resulted in a moment of epiphany that ultimately led to where we are now. The epiphany unfolded thus……The Mechanoise label was one that Boogie always purchased from, not just occassionaly but avidly. Every single release purchased without a listen through Juno Records website, delivered by the trusty Royal Mail, then played relentlessly to audience after audience of bass-funked followers. Until one fateful morning, the postman knocked three times, the door opened and a seemingly inocuous package transferred from deliverer to purveyor. Within the plain brown cardboard envelope hid an audio gem that instantly changed the whole direction of Boogie’s action. That tune was called First Dynasty by Forensix. From that moment forward the purchasing habits of Boogie Dave experienced a seismic shift and caused Boogie to champion the sound we know as Dubstep.

Since then Boogie has had the pleasure of DJing with a veritable Who’s Who of Dubstep greats…..Babylon System, Emalkay, Von D, Eskmo, Propatingz, Skream, Caspa, Benga, Komonazmuk, Engine-earZ Experiment, Borgore, Funtcase, Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, Kromestar, Cookie Monsta and many many more. Some say that Boogie is the Godfather of Dubstep in Birmingham, having introduced the sound to hordes of unenlightened ears…others say he’s a jammy wanker, who’s to say which is true and which is not.

All we know is he’s called Boogie Dave.

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