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B Sauce

Philip Reid, a.k.a B_Sauce, is primarily a punter and purveyor of psychedelic trance.

Back in 2007 he fell instantly in love with psytrance when he was attending the UK’s Glade Festival; courtesy of the one and only Liquid Records Stage. Having originally ended up there as it was the first tent he came across, he then ended up staying there all night.

He aspires to provide you with the very best of progressive psytrance, and other genres from time to time. He aims within his online mixes and DJ sets to take you on a journey; fused with power, groove, energy and melody.

He endeavours to provide you with the cleanest and most technically proficient tracks; inspired by the production quality of anything from bands such as Def Leppard, Boston and early Dragonforce, to the modern psychedelic sounds of artists such as Sonic Species.

Although live appearances are admittedly sporadic, he has been known to emerge on stage from time to time, having played sets at legendary UK club events such as Psymera, Tribe of Frog and Whirl-Y-Gig.

If you enjoy any of the artists featured in these mixes, full tracklists are provided in the descriptions along with links to artists’ and labels’ SoundCloud pages.

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