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Ataro moved to London in 2005.Soon after moving to London, Ataro started to DJ and in 2005,after listening to Psytrance for some years here and there he discovered and fell in love with the psychedelic sound in 2007. After playing in and around the London scene for a few years he started to move into the production side of things and in 2010 he set up his studio.Ataro’s style is night time psychedelic trance with heavy chunky basses and with added instruments from his home country iran.
his project is signed to to Damaru Records ,Free Radical Rec, and he has released tunes under lables as damaru records,mind funk records,green wizard records and Loose Cognition records,Free Radical rec,Purple Hexagen Rec,Catawampus Rec,Mind Expansion Music,Hadra Rec,Temple Twister rec,Freak rec and alot more coming soon, his first album will be coming out on damaru rec

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