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3rd Vision

3rd Vision is the Dj & producer Caio Moreno’s project. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Caio’s interest in music started from early age, following his percussionist & musician father at gigs and quite often playing along with him and their friends. At 16 years old he starts attending the electronic scene and soon his interest in it starts rising, encouraged by his big friend Rafael aka Gott Heilen also a dj & producer, he starts his Dj journey.

5 years later he moves to Europe living for 2 years in Geneva where he creates his project 3rd Vision and is invited to be part of the Genevois label The PsyFamily Productions. After this wonderful experience he moves to London where he actually lives, playing in Clubs and outdoor PsyTrance parties.

His music is composed by deep basslines, enjoyable grooves and dark melodies. He’s always looking to innovate his music by keeping his mind open for new ideas and sounds, by doing so he has many collaborations with many other djs and friends like Cabanja ’PsykoTrip’, Fluorenzo,

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